House on the Water?!

downloadI sold my home of 18 years exactly one year ago. Even though i didn’t know exactly where I would end up, I knew the market was good and the time to sell was now.

I started ‘shopping’ for condos in a warm climate, Florida, Arizona, Belize. I also thought about living on a boat, in a warm climate. Slip fees were comparable to monthly condo payments.  Things to ponder.

I then received an unsolicited phone call, from my sailboat owning parents. They called at least twice a year with a lead on a great deal for me to buy a sailboat. I am unsure what the logic is behind that. Why would I ever want to buy a sailboat, first, we already have two sailboats in the family and I can go sail with them if I am so inclined. Second, I hate sailing. That ‘tipping’ thing, is just unnatural. They were so excited, a friend was liquidating assets, “We have a boat for you to buy, a great deal, a house boat, it originally sold for $320,000 (40 years ago!). $21,000 and it’s yours!”, they said.

I didn’t hang up immediately, I actually thought about it. I decided to go look at it. We drove down to Alma Wisconsin on a warm fall day, I was amazed by the golden fields in their full glory, dancing in the breeze and soaking up the last of the sun before harvest time.

Going south along the infamous Bikers Route Hwy 35  in Wisconsin came the next delightful surprise. Beautiful green tree covered bluffs overlooking the picturesque river and lake Pepin! I felt like I was transported into a tranquil new world.

The third surprise happened when we reached the marina and saw my parents truck totally eclipsed by a giant blue ball of plastic shrink wrap. Armed with ladders and flashlights, we squeezed in through a very small opening and began our exploration. Due to the darkness, the shrink wrap, and unlimited amount of clutter, there was not much of the boat to actual see. I did see enough to decide that it was worth a try. I bought the boat. It wouldn’t be until months later, in the spring, when the boat was ‘unwrapped’ that I was able to see that the ‘houseboat’ was  actually a live a board, tri-cabin Bluewater Yacht and I loved it!

Having never owned a boat, I have a lot of learning to do. If I like it, and I’m good at it, maybe I will decide to drive it down the Mississippi and find a nice warm place to park it and call home.